Compositions by Barbara Harbach

Psalms for SATB #3, Vol. 14

The Lord Shepherds Me – Psalm 23 The Lord Shepherds Me – a Psalm of support. Dominus pascit me, animam meam refecit. Dominus pascit me, animam meam refecit. The Lord shepherds me, nurtures me, feeds me, renews me, refreshes my breath and restores my soul. The Lord...

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Psalms for SATB #4, Vol. 15

Bless the Lord, O My Soul – Psalm 103 Bless the Lord, O My Soul – a Psalm of supplication. Bless.  Bless me. Bless my soul. Bless the Lord. Bless the Lord, O my soul. O bless the Lord Benedic.  Bless. Here I Am, O Lord – Psalm 40 Here I Am, O Lord – (in English) – a...

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Confluencity for Bassoon and Piano

Confluencity is inspired by the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers near St. Louis – the fluidity and separateness of the bassoon and piano co-mingle to produce a strong and dynamic whole.  Melodies with an early American flavor give rise to imitation,...

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Hypocrisy 1915 for Orchestra and Hypocrites, silent film (Total time 54:29) Director: Lois Weber Released MSR Classics Orchestra IV 2018

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