Compositions by Barbara Harbach

Suite Alternatives for Solo Piano

I. Upturn • II. Nocturne • III. Return The first piece is bright and imitative; the second composition has interesting contrasts between lyricism and unexpected melodic twists; the finale alternates between playfulness and percussiveness. This set is written for...

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Phantasy and Phugue for Solo Piano

Following a thunderclap opening, the mysterious atmosphere builds until the tolling of low octaves in the bass heralds a hypnotic middle section. One of the techniques employed in this section is a melody superimposed over a repeated rhythmic pattern. This moves into...

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Summershimmer for Organ

The first section of Summershimmer has a whimsical melody pitted against blocks of chords that slowly change in texture from two-notes to a full hand-cluster.  A virtuoso pedal solo utilizes the full pedal board and incorporates grace notes and scales before embarking...

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Tres Danzas para Clavecin for Harpsichord

From Contemporary Composers for Harpsichord, Vol. 2, Vivace Press. Tres Danzas para Clavecin has a Spanish flavor and frenzied outer movements that feature flamenco clusters, glissandi, and fast arpeggios.

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Spaindango – a Tango Caprice for Harpsichord or Piano

“Barbara Harbach's own Spaindango is a rather ferocious little tour-de-force, with a faintly Spanish flavor. Despite its brevity, it makes a distinctly indelible impression.” Fanfare “Harbach plays her own Spaindango, once again to the glory of the 16ft stop. This is...

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