Women in the Arts

Women in the Arts is a celebration of women creators present and past, a partnership of the University of Missouri-St. Louis with the institutions and arts organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

The partnership seeks to heighten the awareness and understanding of the achievements of women creators while reinforcing each organization’s core mission and providing audiences with new and historical examples of the work of women writers, composers and artists.

• Foster appreciation of the accomplishments of women throughout history
• Promote an interdisciplinary exploration of the creative process
• Encourage interest and research on women creators
• Explore the social and historical context of women’s creativity
• Appreciate the great diversity and range of women artists
• Provide opportunities in the K-12 environment to learn of the achievements of women
• Offer educational resources and supplemental materials as needed
• Develop creative potential in the lives of young women and men

Women in the Arts
Dr. Barbara Harbach
Curators’ Professor Emerita
University of Missouri-St. Louis