Recordings Archive

Organ Solo Compact Disc Recordings

Organ Music for the Synagogue (Album 13 of Volume 4: Cycle of Life in Synagogue and Home), Milken Archives 2015
Pachelbel Canons, Organist, Gasparo Records, GSS-2001, 1999
Bach & Handel: Music for Two Trumpets and Organ, Barbara Harbach, Organist, Gasparo Records, GSS-2002, 1999
Pachelbel Canons, Organist, Gasparo Records, GSS-2001, 1999
Bach & Handel: Music for Two Trumpets and Organ, Barbara Harbach, Organist, Gasparo Records, GSS-2002, 1999
Summershimmer: Women Organ Composers, Hester Park, CD 7704, 1996
Women Composers for the Organ, Gasparo Records, GSCD-294, 1993
Art of the Fugue, Gasparo Records, 1990
Karl Höller, Gasparo Records, GSCD-278, 1990
American Hymn Preludes, Gasparo Records, GSCD-258, 1990
Contemporary Organ: Samuel Adler / Dan Locklair, Gasparo Records, GSCD-277, 1990

Ensemble Compact Disc Recordings

Herman Berlinski, organ, Naxos American Classics 2006
Samuel Adler, organ, Naxos American Classics 2004
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Prayers My Grandfather Wrote (organ excerpts), Naxos American Classics 2003
Randall Thompson, Music of Randall Thompson, Albany Records, 1999
Leo Sowerby, I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, Albany Records, 1997
Hanson Conducts Hanson, Citadel, 1996
The Chamber Music of Gardner Read, Northeastern Records, 1995
Milhaud, Piston & Martinu, Chamber Works for Violin, Albany Records, 1990
American Voices I, Bay Cities, Albany, NY 1990

Ensemble Recordings (Record or Cassette)

Choral Anthems by the Rochester Singers, HMP, Stevens Point, WI
Motets of Anton Bruckner, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY
Americana: Choral Masterworks of American Composers, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY
To Freedom! A Passover Celebration, WXXI Recordings, NPR
Birthday of the World – A High Holy Days Celebration, WXXI Recordings, NPR
Let There be Light! A Hanukkah Celebration, WXXI Recordings, NPR
Day of Joy! A Sabbath Celebration, WXXI Recordings, NPR
Music for Flute, Clarinet and Piano, Mark Records
Music of Richard Donovan, CRI, Composers Recording Incorporated
Jewish Choral Music, Transcontinental Publications
Jewish Organ Music, Transcontinental Publications
Beautiful Dreamers, Popular Music from the Revolution to the Civil War, Rochester, NY
Anthems from Christ Church, Christ Church, Rochester, NY
Mass, Richard Donovan, Battell Chapel Choir, Yale University, CRI 262

Harpsicord Solo Compact Disc Recordings

Goldberg Variations for Harpsichord, Gasparo Records (Gallante), GG 1018, 2002
Contemporary Harpsichord, Volume IV, Gasparo Records, GSCD-290, 2000
Classical Prodigies: Elizabeth Weichsell Billington / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Hester Park, CD 7703, 1995
Eighteenth-Century Women Composers: Music for Solo Harpsichord, Volume I, Gasparo Records, GSCD-272, 1995
Sonatas by Elizabeth: Elisabetta de Gambarini / Elizabeth Hardin, Hester Park, CD, 7702, 1995
Goldberg Variations, Gasparo Records, GG-1018, 1990
Contemporary Harpsichord, Volume II, Gasparo Records, GSCD-266, 1990
Contemporary Harpsichord, Volume III, Gasparo Records, GSCD-280, 1990
Eighteenth-Century Women Composers Volume II, Gasparo Records, GSCD-281, 1990
Women Harpsichord Composers of the Eighteenth Century, Kingdom Records, London, UK 1989 (Now available on Gasparo, GSCD-272, no longer on Kingdom)
Twentieth-Century Harpsichord Music, Kingdom Records, London, UK,
1988 (Now available on Gasparo, GSCD-251, no longer on Kingdom)

Solo Recordings (Record or Cassette)

Harbach Plays More Bach, Volume II, Gasparo Records, 1987
Music for Trumpets and Organs, Gasparo Records, 1987
Harbach Plays Hymns, Gasparo Records, 1986
Harbach Harpsichord Baroque Recital, Gasparo Records, 1985
Harbach Modern Harpsichord, Gasparo Records, 1985
American Hymn Preludes, Gasparo Records, 1985
Harbach Plays Bach, Gasparo Records, 1983