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The Journey – Sym. No. 13

The incredible journey of Ellen Craft (1826-1891) and William Craft (1824-1900) tells the life story of fugitive slaves as abolitionists. They were both born and enslaved in Macon, Georgia. After traveling on a treacherous train and steamboat ride, they escaped to the...

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The News from Tierra Nueva – Musical

Synopsis: In 1961 in Tierra Nueva, the only journalism job Rita can land is society reporting. She covers the “surprise” engagement party [“It's Hard To Sit Still”] for Jorge, from one of that nation’s leading families. Jorge leaves the party to pick up Elaine, a...

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The Runner for Piano

Dr. Peter A. Petroff is a prolific composer with over fifty compositions including six piano sonatas, a violin sonata, Kokopelli (for orchestra), and two string quartets, one of which won second prize in the instrumental division of the 1991 Composer's Guild...

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The Scarlet Letter for Orchestra, Symphony No. 8

Based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter (1850), Symphony No. 8 contains musical portraits of the three main characters: Hester Prynne, Roger Chillingworth and Arthur Dimmesdale. I. The first movement, Hester, highlights the conflicts that Hester faced:...

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The Seven Faces of Fernando

This set of short pieces was written for Fernando Valenti who premiered them in 1969. Robert Starer, considering these pieces to be exclusively ValentiÕs, decided only recently to allow their publication. Each title reflects a different mood of ValentiÕs.

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This Little Angel – Youth Musical

Synopsis: In Heaven, the angels gather for a Christmas celebration of story and song. Together they recreate the story behind the Star of Bethlehem, a story in which a little, mischievous angel shows that a loving git, simply given, can be the most precious gift of...

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