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Separately Together: Synesthesia for Chamber Ensemble

Separately Together – Synesthesia for Chamber Ensemble, a five-movement work for chamber ensemble, was inspired by pioneer director Alice Guy Blaché’s 1913 silent film A House Divided. The piece explores a variety of emotions and atmospheres that reflect the sensory...

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Allegro • Largo • Allegro Presto Little is known about Grimani’s education or life. This three-movement Sinfonia is from her oratorio Pallade e Marte. This style sinfonia was the model for the early symphony, with engaging melodies and expert string writing making it...

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Sinfonietta for String Orchestra

Sinfonietta for String Orchestra is a petite symphony in three movements.  The first movement, I. Hommage, is dedicated to all lost love and loved ones.  The form is a loose rondo in six sections (ABACBA).  The first section opens with a mournful descending line in...

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Six Concertos for Solo Organ

These four-movement concertos, by the English composer Matthew Camidge (1758-1844), are deliberately written in the musical style of Corelli and Handel. Each begins with an introduction and is followed by a voluntary-like fugue. A melodic slow movement precedes a...

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Six Easy Lessons for the Harpsichord

John Camidge (ca. 1734-1803) became a chorister at York Minster at an early age, and then studied organ with Maurice Greene in London. He became the organist of York Minster in 1756 as well as organist at St. Michael- le-Belfrey.  Of his seven children his son  ...

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