Harbach Music Publishing

Phantasy and Phugue for Solo Piano

Phantasy and Phugue, written in the fall of 1994, consists of three sections (in a single movement) with contrasting atmospheres of foreboding and playfulness. The first section is dramatic in vol-ume and texture, utilizing the full range of the keyboard, with hand...

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Pickles and Peppers for Organ

An entertaining piece of ragtime for solo organ that utilizes the wonderful registrational capabilities of the organ and adapts the "raggedy" style of Pickles and Peppers into an immediately appealing audience pleaser.

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Pioneer Women! – Sym. No. 14

Pioneer Women! is a collection of four portraits of American women who helped to settle the wilds of Alaska. Taken from their diaries, letters, monographs, and journals, the texts chronicle their journeys throughout Alaska, from Skagway, the Southeastern entrance into...

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