Visions of Hildegard for Violin and Piano

By Barbara Harbach

I. O vis eternitatis
II. O nobilissima viriditas
III. O ignee Spiritus

Catalogue Number: H981
I. O vis eternitatis from Visions of Hildegard for Violin and Piano - Excerpt
III. O Ignee Spiritus from Visions of Hildegard for Violin and Piano - Excerpt
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Visions of Hildegard was inspired by Hildegard of Bingen of the Order of Saint Benedict.  She lived from 1098-1179, and she was known as Saint Hildegard, Sibyl of the Rhine, as well as an abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, mystic, and visionary. Many consider her to be the founder of natural history in Germany.  She is well-known as a composer of sacred monophony and is the most recorded Medieval composer in modern history.

The first movement, I. O vis eternitatis (O power within Eternity) is a Responsory for the Creator and Redeemer.

O nobilissima viriditas (O noblest green viridity), the second movement, is a Responsory for Virgins.

The last movement, III. O ignee Spiritus (O fiery Spirit) is a Hymn to the Holy Spirit.  The movements have varying meters; sections that reflect the words from a gentle lullaby to rhythmic and exciting, energetic, and propelling tempos, all using the vivid colors of the violin and piano.


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