Three Sonatas for Harpsichord or Piano

By Cecilia Barthélemon (Ed. Barbara Harbach)

Sonata in G Major Op. III
Sonata in C Major Op. I/no. 1
Sonata in E Major Op. 1/no. 3

Catalogue Number: H1813
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Cecilia Barthélemon was born c. 1770 in London into a musical family. Cecilia made her debut on March 3, 1779, at the Haymarket during intermission between the Parts of the Messiah. She was active as a soprano, harpist, keyboardist, and composer. No published compositions are known after 1795, perhaps due to the English tradition of a woman retiring from public life after marriage. She married W.H. Henslowe in 1796.

These multi-movement sonatas of the late Classical period exhibit a mature sense of form, melodic phrasing, and harmonic richness. These sonatas prove why Barthélemon was considered one of London’s leading musicians. Each sonata, originally published sometime around the early 1790s, ends with a rhythmic rondo built on a folk-like theme.


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