This Little Angel – Youth Musical

By Barbara Harbach, Libretto by Jonathan Yordy and Barbara Harbach
Catalogue Number: 1007
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H1007 This Little Angel – Conductor’s Score, 46 pages, $10.95
H1007a – Singers Score – 28 pages, $3.95
H1007b – Libretto, 20 pages, $12.00
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In Heaven, the angels gather for a Christmas celebration of story and song. Together they recreate the story behind the Star of Bethlehem, a story in which a little, mischievous angel shows that a loving git, simply given, can be the most precious gift of any.

Little Angel is an inexperienced angel who doesn’t quite seem to fit into heaven’s established patterns. Full of energy, this Little Angel doesn’t know where to direct his youthful enthusiasm. After unsuccessfully trying a variety of angelic activities, Little Angel falls into despair as he sings about how he misses earth and how he feels all alone. But his unhappiness is quickly sensed by the other angels. Comforting Angel cures Little Angel’s homesickness by bringing to heaven Little Angel’s box of favorite treasures: ordinary, everyday objects like a feather or a spinning top – objects which are transformed into treasures through the magic of a child’s fascination and love.

The box of childhood treasures eventually works its magic on Little Angel; in time, Little Angel feels at home in heaven and becomes a model cherub. A short time later, all heaven is preparing for Christ’s descent to earth, for his birth in the blessed manger. Each angel prepares a gift for the Christ Child, but Little Angel is perplexed because he feels that he has nothing to offer. After some reflection, he realizes that his favorite box of treasures is a worthy gift for the Holy Child. Recognizing the simple beauty of the gift, God honors it by changing the box into a star, by transforming This Little Angel’s gift of love into “The Star” that will forever symbolize Christ’s birth.