Symphony No. 2 “One of Ours – A Cather Symphony”

By Barbara Harbach


On Lovely Creek
Autumn in Beaufort
Honor at Boar’s Head

Published: 2004
Catalogue Number: H936
I. On Lovely Creek from Symphony No. 2 "One of Ours - A Cather Symphony"
III. Honor at Boar's Head from Symphony No. 2 "One of Ours - A Cather Symphony"
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One of Ours is based on Cather’s 1922 Pulitzer Prizewinner novel about World War I hero Claude Wheeler from central Nebraska.

I. On Lovely Creek is an American pastorale, evoking Claude’s youth on the Great Nebraska Prairie and the innocence of a youngish America just beginning to face the tragedies of the twentieth century.

II. Autumn in Beaufort is a charming interlude in the War, the celebration of a town newly liberated from the Germans. The dead have been buried and honored, and those who remain savor the small joys of life.

III. Honor at Boar’s Head is a remembering of the life and service of the many thousands of war dead whose bravery and self-sacrifice ensures the many freedoms we enjoy.