Sonatas for the Piano or Harpsichord with Violin Obbligato, Vol. 2

By Maria Hester Reynolds (Ed. Barbara Harbach)

Sonatas IV-VI from Op. 1

Sonata IV in G Major
Sonata V in D
Sonata VI in E Major

Catalogue Number: H1835
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Although Maria Hester Reynolds Park (1760-1813) was active as an English composer and teacher from c. 1785-1811, there is not much information available about her early life. Her Op. 1 and 2 were published under her maiden name, Maria Hester Reynolds.

Op. 1 contains six two-movement sonatas (split into two volumes) with melodic inventiveness and an interesting obbligato violin part. The first movements are well-developed sonata forms that demonstrate great freedom and proficiency of form.


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