Solo Voice Secular #1, Vol. 21

By Barbara Harbach

The King of High Fashion
Twenty-First Century Pioneer
Here I Stand
Light Out of Darkness

Catalogue Number: H730
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Solo Voice Secular with Piano Score $9.95

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The King of High Fashion H101 ($2.45)
Twenty-First Century Pioneer H104 ($2.45)
Here I Stand H110 ($2.45)
Light Out of Darkness H112 ($2.45)

The King of High Fashion – Political Humor Song
Donald has swagger; mmm he has chic; Donald has swagger; mmm he has style.

Twenty-First Century Pioneer
Twenty-First Century Pioneer was written to celebrate the courage, strength, and resilience of women from the past, the present, and the future.  Premiered at the Notes from Home at the Sheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis, MO in 2007.  Presented with lead sheet and lyrics in the style of a blues ballad.
I don’t wear a big blue bonnet.
And a cov’erd wagon’s not my thing. But if there’s a job to be done,
You know I’m on it.
“Cause I’m a pioneer woman
And I’m goin’ to sing:

Here I Stand
Here I Stand is from Hester, An American Musical, expressing a sense of aloneness many women feel while overcoming many obstacles and tragedies.
Here I stand, I face the world alone.
All my dreams, all hope and love have flown.
Now everything has changed from what I’ve known,
But come what may, I’ll face it on my own.
For each new life, comes to the world alone,
Is given breath, then is cast adrift
Onto the barren, shifting sands of life
With nothing else, but fate alone to sift.

Light Out of Darkness
Light Out of Darkness is an evocative work taken from Helen Keller’s own words.
This inspiring work portrays some of the poignant realities of Keller’s world: “my fingers are wise” is lyrical and suggestive, “my fingers split the sands” evokes the play of the rippling music of the sea and the final sections capture the strong soaring spirit of the poet.


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