Six Lessons for Harpsichord or Piano

By Elizabeth Hardin (Ed. Barbara Harbach)

Lesson I in C Major
Lesson II in A Major
Lesson III in D Major
Lesson IV in E Major
Lesson V in G major
Lesson VI in B-flat Major

Catalogue Number: H1811
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Little is known about the life of Elizabeth Hardin except that she flourished in the eighteenth century, published this volume in 1770, and was the organist of St. Peter-le-Poor, Broad Street in London.

This volume was originally published in 1770.

These Six Lessons are short repeated two-part forms (except for Lesson IV), with no dynamic markings indicated and little ornamentation. All these Lessons are mainly two-voice textures, with engaging melodies, Alberti bass, primary chords, interesting control of harmonic language, phrase repetitions, echoes, and with some cross hand virtuosity. These charming lessons have a music box quality. They feature hand crossovers in the Scarlatti fashion.
Medium Difficulty.

Recorded on CD, Sonatas by Elizabeth, Hester Park CD 7702.


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