Rhapsodie Jardine for Oboe and Strings

By Barbara Harbach
Published: 1996
Catalogue Number: MS 1252

This work vividly evokes a landscape full of lush harmonies and exotic melodic perfumes, a musical vista of resonant colors and aromatic counterpoint. The opening fantasie-like section juxtaposes a minimalistic ostinato pattern in the lower strings with the evocative and expansive melodic line of the oboe. A somewhat askew waltz follows, an off-beat dance with a wry oboe serenading a slightly awry orchestra. A return to the fantasie material follows a brief contrapuntal transition. The fugue, alternating between 6/8 and 9/8, is passed among the strings and soloist. This leads to a plaintive duet between the oboe and cello and a unison statement of the fugal subject bring the piece to the end with a flourish.