Pickles and Peppers for Organ

An entertaining piece of ragtime for solo organ that utilizes the wonderful registrational capabilities of the organ and adapts the “raggedy” style of Pickles and Peppers into an immediately appealing audience pleaser.

Farewell from Rome for Solo Organ

The separation of Fanny from her family produced this poignant and wistful three-part Song Without Words. The organ, in this arrangement of a favorite piano work, combines a rhythmic pulse with a soaring melody. Over 400 works by Fanny are being slowly recovered and...

Poema for Solo Organ

An intriguing, lyrical organ piece from one of Ukraine’s leading composers, Poema has the flavor of a Ukrainian folk song. Modal harmonies, tuneful melodies and ostinatos characterize this set of variations.

Toccatas and Fugues on American Hymns

These Toccatas and Fugues on American Hymns are based on three nineteenth-century hymns written by American women.  The first piece I arranged was Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine, entitled Assurance. The music was written in 1898 by Phoebe Palmer Knapp (1839-1908)....

French Classical Noels and Magnificats

These Noels and Magnificats are an excellent addition to the popular genre of noels for organ. Written in the eighteenth-century Classical tradition by an unknown French composer, these short, charming pieces offer a variety of moods and many opportunities for...