Organ Music by Women Composers before 1800

By Gracia Baptista / Caterina Assandra / Miss Steemson (Ed. Calvert Johnson)

Gracia Baptista - Conditor Alme
Caterina Assandra - Ave verum corpus and Ego flos campi
Miss Steemson - A Dirge for Funerals

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Women have been composing organ music for at least five centuries. This volume contains some of the earliest known organ music by women composers, including Conditor Alme, written by a Spanish nun, Gracia Baptista, c. 1557.

Caterina Assandra was an Italian nun active in the music scene near Milan in the early seventeenth century.

Miss Steemson was a church organist in Lancaster, England; this processional was written around 1780.
For a recording of the Miss Steemson and Gracia Baptista see Gasparo
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