Nights in Timisoara for String Orchestra

By Barbara Harbach
Published: 2010
Catalogue Number: H949
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Nights in Timisoara for String Orchestra evokes the essence of the Romanian people in the eastern city of Timisoara. Over the years many cultures have influenced and left their mark in the neighborhoods throughout the city even to the present time.  Nights in Timisoara strives to portray in music the exotic architecture and vibrant culture life of this “Little Vienna” which is also called “the City of Flowers.” Nights in Timisoara opens with a wide-range flourish spanning across the instruments, evolving into a haunting melody in the first violins over a moving accompaniment. This is followed by a tango ostinato with the violins dueling over the melodic motives.  A four-voice jig fugue begins in the cello while the violins have their own imitative fugue.  The opening flourish returns leading into a toccata for the string orchestra with the melody in the lower strings.  Nights in Timisoara is an enlarged version which began life as an organ composition.


String Orchestra