Mexican Composers for the Organ, Vol. 4

By Ramón Noble (Ed. Rosina Gómez)

Toccata a Pedal
Danza Espagnola
Scherzino Mexicano

Catalogue Number: H349
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We continue our acclaimed Mexican Composers series with another edition of the appealing works of Ramón Noble. This edition also welcomes Rossina Gómez as editor of the series. Included are the three-part bravura Toccata a Pedal built on Mexican folk tunes, and Danza Espagnola, a folk-like dance of appealing melodies contrasted with rich harmonies. Scherzino Mexicano offers fascinating rhythms and lyrical melodies, while Fantasia-Toccata opens with a short pedal solo and offers colorful contrasts of tempo and mood.


Organ Solo