Jubilee Symphony for Orchestra, Symphony No. 5

By Barbara Harbach

I. Bellerive
II. Mirth Day fiesta
III. Tritons Ascending

Published: 2013
Catalogue Number: H955
I. Bellerive - Excerpt from Jubilee Symphony for Orchestra, Symphony No. 5
III. Tritons Ascending - Excerpt from Jubilee Symphony for Orchestra, Symphony No. 5
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Jubilee Symphony was commissioned by the University of Missouri–St. Louis for their 50th Jubilee Anniversary, 1963-2013. The symphony was premiered October 9, 2013.

The first movement, I. Bellerive, takes its name from the beautiful Bellerive Country Club which became the location for the university. The first building on the campus was the club house. The excitement of creating this new educational institution is portrayed by rhythmic energy and long soaring and sustained melodies. A fugue evolves from these opening materials to become a conversation among the many partners that were needed to realize this dream. The euphoria of this actually happening is based on a lively jig before the rhythmic energy and melodies return.

II. Mirth Day Fiesta is unique to the university – a day of celebration, showcasing many cultures and ethnicities. The day dawns quietly, slowly building to a Mexican Cinco de Mayo party with a flavor of Mariachi music. Dance-like rhythms and playful flourishes by the winds exhaust the revelers, returning to the quietness of the opening, but the seductive rhythms and melodies draw the dancers into merriment once again.

III. The mascot of the University of Missouri-St. Louis is the mythological Greek god, messenger of the sea, Triton. Like his father, Poseidon, Triton carried a trident. Tritons Ascending returns to the sea, beginning dark and mysterious like the deep recesses of the ocean. Slowly rising, swelling and ebbing, the melodies lead to the fugal section in the strings with countermelodies in the winds, all contributing to the surging and fast-moving motion in the strings. The musical mood becomes noble and stately, with the low brass bringing Triton to the surface of the waters. The melodies and harmonies combine to bring Triton to the 50th Jubilee Anniversary celebration.