Gratitude and Praise: Organ Works by Jewish American Composers

By Robert Starer / Michael Isaacson / Mary Jeanne van Appledorn / Robert Strassburg

Robert Starer Fantasy on a Sephardic Melody
Michael Isaacson Gratitude and Praise
Robert Strassburg Mosaic Horizons
Mary Jeanne van Appledorn Shabat Shalom

Catalogue Number: H307
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The title piece, by Michael Isaacson, is an exuberant work of rhythmic vitality. It has a syncopated pedal part and a hauntingly beautiful lyric line. Robert Starer, recently admitted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, is one of the musical lights of our generation. This collection is appropriate for church or synagogue, and it is a particularly appropriate way to introduce a spirit of ecumenism into a special church service.


Organ Solo