Five Interludes for Solo Piano

By Rachel Eubanks

I. Interludes
II. Moderato
III. Moderato
IV. Larghetto
V. Larghetto

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Five Interludes for Piano, by Rachel Eubanks (1922-2006), inaugurated the HMP series of Music by African American Women. The Five Interludes for Piano, composed in 1984, combine intellectual rigor with intense expressivity.
Although the pitch and dynamic range is wide, the atonal harmonic materials are highly concentrated. Similar intervallic cells are employed in all five movements, with major and minor seconds dominating both the vertical and horizontal contrapuntal textures. The moods range from quiet and introverted to forceful and dramatic. While they vary in technical difficulty from moderate to considerable, they all require interpretive maturity and sensitivity.


African American Women Composers