Daniel and the Beastly Night – Youth Musical

By Barbara Harbach

Daniel the Lion-hearted
The Cause of Jealousy
The King of High Fashion
Daniel's Prayer
The Beastly Night
Praise the Lord of Miracles
Praise God! Raise a Clatter!

Published: 1991
Catalogue Number: H733
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Unison, SA, SSA with Piano
Score $10.95
Singers Edition $3.95

Daniel and the Beastly Night is a 30-minute musical for youth. Written for unison or two-part choir, it dramatizes the popular Biblical story of the prophet Daniel who faces death because of his commitment to prayer. Incorporating humor and a variety of musical styles, Daniel and the Beastly Night promises to be an educational and entertaining addition to any worship service or special event.

The speaking parts reflect an attempt to get all choir members involved in the dramatic action. Most parts have only two or three lines and can be given to choir members of any age. The action revolves around four characters: Daniel, King Darius, Marduk, and Adad; these roles are the most demanding. This play can easily be performed with fewer actors by condensing several smaller parts into a single role. The various characters have authentic Babylonian names; the story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den can be found in Daniel, chapter six.


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