Contemporary Composers for Harpsichord, Vol. 1

By Arnold Rosner, Barbara Harbach, Michael Rose

Arnold Rosner - Sonatine d'Amour
Barbara Harbach - Spaindango
Michael Rose - B'rachah (Benediction)

Catalogue Number: H201
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This volume collects some of the most popular and widely heard harpsichord music of the twentieth century. Arnold Rosner has been called “an inventive and original voice” (The Buffalo News) and the composer of “one of the most eerily fascinating compositions for harpsichord” (Fanfare). CD Review has called Harbach’s Spaindango a “fetching piece, full of antique flourishes mixed with 20th-century rage and madness, a cauldron of churning notes.” These pieces are coupled with Michael Rose’s melodic B’rachah (Benediction).


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