Chorale Preludes for Organ

By Ethel Smyth (Ed. Colette Ripley)

Du, O schönes Weltgebäude!
O Gott du frommer Gott
Schwing dich auf zu deinem Gott
Erschienen ist der herrlich' Tag
O Traurigkeit, O Herzeleid

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Ethel Smyth (1858-1944) is one of the most significant English composers of her era. She wrote six operas, a Mass in D for chorus and orchestra, orchestral, choral, chamber and solo music. An independent, indomitable women, she participated actively in the suffragist movement in England and was subsequently imprisoned for two months because of her involvement. Smyth was one of the first to critique the widespread discrimination facing women musicians. A writer of prose as well as a composer, her ten books are largely autobiographical.

During this time, Smyth composed an “Organ Prelude on a Traditional Irish Air” and seven chorale preludes for organ. Her chorale preludes are very imaginatively written pieces of high quality. They deserve to be played and heard as often as the chorale preludes of Bach and Brahms.  From Colette Ripley, editor of Smyth’s Chorale Preludes for Organ.


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