Advent & Christmas for SATB, Vol. 2

By Barbara Harbach

This Night in Bethlehem H502
Sing! Christ is Born H503
Our Christmas Gift H504
Infant of Light H509
The Christmas Babe H510

Catalogue Number: H711
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This Night in Bethlehem
This Night in Bethlehem is a serene, a cappella setting telling the story of the mysterious night of Christ’s birth.

Sing! Christ is Born

Sing! Christ is Born is an exuberant setting,
“Sing with loud and joyful voices.
Sound the trumpet! Sound the horn!
Earth is glad, and heaven rejoices. Christ is Born”

Our Christmas Gift

Our Christmas Gift is a tribute to Alfred Burt and his carols:
“Behind ev’ry gift is a promise of love,
Recalling God’s gift, Christ sent from above.

Infant of Light
Infant of Light portrays Christ’s divinity, “Infant of light, O Child Divine, Born Infant King by holy design.”

The Christmas Babe
The Christmas Babe is a setting of the poem by Robert Southwell and tells the story of an extraordinary sight, a little babe, and intertwines heat, smoke, ashes with love. And then,
“With this he vanished out of sight and swiftly shrank away, and straight I called unto mind that it was Christmas day.”


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