A Page from the Christmas Story – Youth Musical

By Barbara Harbach

Daniel the Lion-hearted
The Cause of Jealousy
The King of High Fashion
Daniel's Prayer
The Beastly Night
Praise the Lord of Miracles
Praise God! Raise a Clatt.er!
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Published: 1991
Catalogue Number: H734
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Unison, SA, SSA with Piano
Score $9.95
Singers Edition $2.95

A Page from the Christmas Story is a 35-minute musical for youth, written for unison choir with optional two and three- part choruses. It has opportunities for 14 characters, but many of the speaking parts may be combined or divided as needed.

The title character, Zak, is a young servant to the Three Wise Men. This energetic, playful page finds himself on a journey he doesn’t understand to a destination that no one exactly knows. Mystic Star, Magnet Bright captures some of the wonder of the wise men who follow the star across the world. But a few on the trip are getting tired of Zak’s mischief; they proclaim him a pain-in-the-neck and A Single-Page Disaster. Zak is not having a much better time. Discouraged by the endless sun and sand and by all the discomforts of travel, he complains to the others in A Thousand Miles from Nowhere. But the journey continues, driven by the Kings’ determination to find out what the star means. They consider the cosmic perspective on this event in From Celestial Vaults Sublime. The difficult journey is made somewhat easier for Zak when he is told that A Small Step Forward can make the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling in control.

As the caravan draws nearer to Bethlehem, the Kings decide on gifts for the Christ child; Polished Gold and Bitter Myrrh examines how each gift expresses a different vision of who Christ will be. They reach the manger and are deeply moved by the stillness and beauty of This Wondrous Place. Having seen the Lord, Zak and the Kings begin the trip back home, but now they are filled with Christmas joy and hope. No longer guided by the Star of Bethlehem, they are guided by the light of what they have seen. The Star Within expresses how each has been transformed by the wondrous spectacle they have witnessed.


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