A Love Supreme for SSAA, Woodwind Quintet, and Piano

By Barbara Harbach
Catalogue Number: H934
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Cheryl Walker’s beautiful poem, A Love Supreme, provides the inspiration and text for this composition written for the St. Louis Women’s Chorale with the Equinox Chamber Players.  Walker’s evocative words create several diverse sections that weave in and out of each other often returning with more intensity. A plain chant for solo voice sets the tone for “A love supreme sanctified and pure,” and reminds us through music of the joy of unconditional love.  The chant returns, each time higher and more ecstatic.  The woodwinds introduce the soaring lyricism of “Anointed by Holy Ghost’s healing.”  The gently lilting section in combinations of 6/8 and 12/8 meters underlay “She is sanctified and free, on a blues-licked freedom voyage.” This is followed by a syncopated and rhythmic section for “Fervently awaiting a laying on hands.”  A fugal rendition for voices based on the familiar hymn, Amazing Grace, portrays “She’s there in an amazing grace circle, how sweet the sound.” A joyous fugue for the winds follows, also based on Amazing Grace.  Several themes return briefly before the circle is completed with the beginning words “A love supreme sanctified and pure” and the final refrain, “Her liberation is at hand.” Poem by Cheryl Walker


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