A Favorite Duett and God Save the King for Piano or Harpsichord Four Hands

By Jane Savage (Ed. Barbara Harbach)

A Favorite Duett Op. VI
God Save the King

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According to the dates of Jane Savage’s compositions, she flourished from 1780 – 1790. Very little is known about her, and she remains a mystery to scholars and performers. Evidenced by her keyboard music, she was a virtuosic keyboard player who wrote keyboard and vocal music that reflected her talent and skills. Her music was well received during her lifetime.

Jane Savage had a superb sense of what made appealing and popular galant style of keyboard music at the close of the eighteenth century. She also had a complete grasp of the harmonic and counterpoint practices of the time. The year 1783 occurs during the transition from the harpsichord to the pianoforte. Consequently, this music exhibits some harpsichord characteristics as well as those of the early piano literature.


Four Hand Piano