A Divertimento for the Piano Forte or Pedal Harp

By Mrs. M. A. Bryan (Ed. Barbara Harbach)

I. Maestoso - March
II. Andantino - Pastorale
III. Vivace - Rondo

Catalogue Number: H1838
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Nothing is known about the life of Mrs. M. A Bryan except what appears on the title page of A Divertimento for the Piano Forte or Pedal Harp. Even her full name is not known.

Written in a late 18th or early 19th century style, the Divertimento in E-flat Major has four movements. Since the Divertimento was composed for the pianoforte or pedal harp, the composer probably tried to capture both instrumental markets for her piece. The first movement is a short Maestoso March in binary form with each part repeated. The dotted rhythms and full chords are typical of the march style. The second movement is an Andantino Pastorale with more chromaticism, interesting and complex rhythms, ternary form, with an ad libitum cadenza.

In B-flat major, the third movement is a through-composed Andante con espressione slow movement with a charming melody, Alberti bass, and an interesting cadenza, ad libitum. The last movement, a Vivace  Rondo, is in rondo form, and covers a wide range. The melody is folk-like, diatonic, and lilting.


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